Biography Work

Who writes my Story?

The experiences we have in our lives are both unique and universal. We share many common human experiences, and yet how we piece them together, how we respond to and live through them, and find meaning in them is very individual and unique to each of us. Biography Work offers an opportunity to explore the extraordinary and sacred panorama that is your life so that you can take a step back from being in it - to being able to witness it with a fresh and open mind and heart.

We all have stages and phases of coming deeper into life – who I am today at 43 feels very different to the person I was at 23. Biography Work helps us become more aware of our past in order to engage more freely with our whole self in the present and in the future. We have been on a journey since our birth with individual experiences like our gender, our place in the family, our ethnicity and where we live.  How can we see that this has meaning and value which makes it deeply personal and relevant to who I am in the world? Where might we meet the same challenges or situations again and again? We might want to ask – what is this trying to teach me? What lessons do I need to learn? Biography Work helps us notice the threads that weave through our life themes.

Engaging in Biography work provides us with a map to help us chart who we are and what our life experiences are telling us about our talents, skills, ideals and passions. What did we learn from being our parents’ child, or by having that particular constellation of siblings around us in that particular place?

Biography Work helps us engage with the events that we have experienced so that we can have a deeper, fuller and richer relationship with ourselves, rather than being mere victims of our experiences.