Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors

Welcome to the home of Biographical Counselling in the UK

Biographical Counselling is a counselling  modality that offers a unique approach to both healing and self development that is - in its widest sense – holistic. It addresses the psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of human experience by considering three levels of human nature: 

  • Body - our physicality and how we care for our material, day-to-day needs and limitations
  • Soul - our thoughts, feelings and behaviours 
  • Spirit - our deepest sense of the self and the world that resides in the invisible living principles that underlie existence.

Biographical Counselling considers the individuality and uniqueness of each person to be paramount.  It invites people to come into relationship with their life stories and life experiences in order to become actively interested and engaged with the phenomena and mystery of Who am I?, What is my life task?, Why is this happening to me? Through conversation, artistic processes and mapping one`s biography, Biographical Counselling supports the exploration of these questions, strengthening our capacity to be responsible to ourselves, to others, and to our communities.  By engaging in this way we become alive to a greater sense of purpose and meaning for who we are and what we do.

Biographical Counselling is informed and inspired by Anthroposophy, or `spiritual science` founded and developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).  Steiner has a unique position in history as he was gifted and accomplished in many ways.  He founded several unique and holistically inspired approaches: to medicine, the Arts, education, agriculture and community life.  Many of his insights were gained through practices of meditation, along with his own natural Clairvoyant abilities.  We are left with a vast array of his research - much of it ahead of its time - which forms the basis of Biographical Counselling work.

Biographical Counselling