Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors

Waking up to Self – Waking up to World

Welcome to Biographical Counselling and Biography Work in the UK.

One Year Course!

Biographical Counselling and Biography Work offer a unique approach to both healing and self development that is - in its widest sense – holistic. It links the wellbeing of each person to the wellbeing of a family, a community, and the world. As we deepen the understanding of who we are and take steps to heal and develop ourselves, we become more able to connect with greater integrity to the things that matter most. We can grow in our responsibility to ourselves, to others, and to our communities - to be our whole selves - to be most deeply connected to our creative spirit, our core Self and our agency. 

Biographical Counselling allows deep transformative work on all three levels of human nature:

  • Body (our physicality and how we care for our material needs)
  • Soul (our thoughts, feelings and volitions)
  • Spirit (how we develop a connection to a principle that is bigger than just us)

Throughout the process of Biographical Counselling we look to make sense of past experiences, address current day-to-day issues, concerns and difficulties, and raise questions about how to make steps towards our future, which is connected to our life-themes, in freedom.

Both through face to face counselling and workshops, these themes are addressed using conversation, artistic exercises and mindfulness practices. A safe space is created to allow for your imagination to be expressed and explored, to deepen your capacity to trust and listen to your intuition, and to open up to inspiration for your deepest potential to come forth.