Biographical Counselling

We are immersed in growing psychological distress, located in an unstable world, as well as increasing complexity in each of our personal multi-faceted experienced.  In order to meet this increasing complexity, we need to take on our own growth, care and development if we are not to be overwhelmed.  The world challenges increasingly pull us in different directions and our abiilty to rely on outer structures becomes ever more tenuous.  All of these factors make it harder to hold onto a clear sense of self.  Depression, anxiety and over-reliance on medicalised approaches are all too familiar.  What do we do?

Biographical Counselling is a holistic, inegrative approach that takes into account the psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of human experience.  Its theoretical outlines offer a framework to consider these critical times as an opportunity to awaken to a new consciousness.  This awakening conscience invites us to find `moral imagination` for the world and relationships we are in.  It asks us to be grounded in the recognition that we have both freedom and responsibility to both.

As well as a `higher self` we also have a `lower self` which has desires, physical needs, impulses and urges. Navigating between these aspects is the `I` or Ego.  By strengthening and supporting the `I`, we can find greater agency to meet the challenges of issues such as addiction, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life crisis and loss of meaning.  Biographical Counselling supports people to find a way through these dynamics of light and darkness within the soul.  Within its talking approach it also offers artistic work and guidance on care of the soul, body and spirit.