Biographical Counselling

I and Thou

We each have a choice about how we deal with our challenges and difficult life situations. We may choose to push ahead, to numb ourselves and keep going through the motions of life with low lying rumblings of emotional and mental discomfort. But at some point - life has a way of propelling us to deal with issues by bringing up a crisis – and it is often in the midst of crisis that we seek help. At these times we may be compelled to face ourselves. This brings up questions about who we are, our values, our resilience and decisions and how to make sense of life events. 

During a crisis, we may experience overwhelming feelings or face dilemmas that leave us feeling bewildered. We may lose our connection to others, and to who we truly are.  Unresolved feelings from the past have a way of impacting on the present, which may lead to changing moods, anxieties, depression and unhelpful behaviour patterns.

An increasing number of people are living with complex, existential questions that no other generation has had to face with the same intensity. Whilst world poverty has reduced by half, and progress and development is ongoing; medication for mental health disorders (predominantly in the West) is getting out of control. People are facing addictions, disordered eating, anxiety and depression now more than ever before. Biographical Counselling can help if you struggle with any of these issues of crisis. It helps address relationship problems, feeling burned out, how to find meaning or a sense of identity. It can support you in bereavement, working through feelings of grief and loss, and processing traumatic experiences. Our counsellors are here to meet you with your questions – whatever they may be.