The Call for a New Way


Current growing psychological distress is both located in a complex and unstable world situation, as well as in each of our personal multi-faceted biographical experiences. This growing complexity can be seen as an opportunity to develop a new way of thinking and being in the world. This new consciousness is the realisation of our freedom as individuals – and the essential sense that if we can un-bind our patterns, limitations and past behaviours then we are capable of re-imagining a world (or a relationship) that is truly authentic and relevant to our needs in any given moment. Biographical Counselling supports the development of this growing sense of Self that is needed to stand up in this way. It encourages people to come into dialogue with their own biographical stories in order to reach through to the truth of their own deepest selves to find renewed confidence and creativity in all that they do.

As outer world challenges increasingly pull us in different directions and become ever more unreliable, it becomes harder to hold onto a clear sense of Self. As the known, familiar forms become less reliable, we increasingly only have ourselves to fall back on. By being more deeply in touch with our thoughts and feelings, we can trust more in the truth of our experiences and have a clearer, more defined sense of who we are, what we believe in and what we would like to achieve in life. The challenge we face is to have loving compassion for others and ourselves whilst also being able to make wise discerning judgments based on the deepest knowing of ourselves.