Healing and Development


Our development doesn’t stop when we reach adulthood – even though we have stopped growing physically– there are many parts of us that keep developing. These parts continue to seek out recognition and realisation right into old age and up to the threshold of death. Central to this continual drive for self-realisation is the question: Am I doing what I have come to do? As we grow and mature, our mind grows, our consciousness deepens and widens, and our capacity to act in the world can become more focused and purposeful. Capacities become available to us in our 50’s that we didn’t have access to in our 20’s.

Our approach to personal development has in mind a picture of each person having both a cosmic, eternal, spiritual element, as well as a physical, rooted and grounded aspect. Our agency and individual sense of Self (with a capital ‘S’) has access to a world of spirit that we can draw immense strength from. Its counterpart is our ‘lower self’ that has desires, physical needs, impulses and urges that often have more control over us than we would like. Navigating between this polarity is an aspect of ourselves called the “I” – the captain of the ship. Our “I” has the capacity to take charge and steer all aspects of ourselves. The main tenet of Biography Work and Biographical Counselling is to support the growth and development of our “I” part – increasing our sense of ‘I AM’.

Biography Work and Biographical Counselling work uses a phenomenological approach (an in-depth factual account) to understand that everything is visible and known to us, if our tools are honed to perceive. One of the things we can learn to read is the story of our life so far, and in this way we can gather the threads that weave together the picture of who we are, and see what we need to attend to in our work and relationships.