Biographical Counselling is informed and inspired by Anthroposophy, or ‘spiritual science’, founded and developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Steiner has a unique position in history as he was such an accomplished man in many ways. He founded several unique and holistically inspired approaches: to medicine, the arts, education, agriculture and community life. Many of his insights were gained through practices of meditation, along with his own natural clairvoyant abilities. We are left with a vast array of his research – much of it ahead of its time – which forms the basis of Biographical Counselling work.  We also draw on many other practitioners and thinkers, including:  Bernard Lievegoed, Karl Koenig, Viktor Frankl, Martin Buber, Carl Rogers, Carl Jung,  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Signe Schaefer, George and Gisela O`Neil.