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Latest AGM was held on 15.03.19 in conjunction with workshop `Working With Suicide`.

Part of the event was a veiwing of the film `What Remains - Let the Memory Stay Sweet on the Vine`introducing us to the theme of the workshop. This film has been made by our colleague Gillian Brooks and her family with the help of award-winning filmmaker Geoff Brokate.

Gilly works for the NHS as a Biographical Counsellor and shared with us how she works with the theme with her clients. To help us deepen our understanding and exploration of the theme, Monika Knight a Christian Community priest Monika joined us. Monika works with the Christian Community Church in Forest Row and spoke how the Christian Community works with suicide and the spiritual consequences. An artistic activity and further discussion were part of the workshop also. 

This event was for Biograpical counsellors and PABC members. 

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Past events:


Attending to Each Other: Enlivening the language between us.

With Margli and Paul Matthews. 

8 - 10 February 2019, Emerson College, East Sussex UK 
We hope you will join us for this weekend where we will be exploring modes and gestures of dialogue through practises in speaking, listening, interactive writing, movement and planetary masks.


All meals and accommodation to be booked and paid for separately. For this contact Emerson College










28 – 30 September 2018 Workshop/CPD with Anita Charton, I as Victim and Creator of My Biography, Emerson College, East Sussex UK.

The aim of this workshop was to familiarise ourselves with the forces of our soul and grasp the contradictions and paradoxes behind the way we live our lives. From our centre we explore how counter forces work in us, and how to deal with them in a constructive way. Getting to know the dynamics at work in our soul, strengthens our “I” and helps us to activate our creative potential.

Activities: practicing Biographical Counselling with their own biographical material in small groups. Theoretical contributions with a special emphasis on professional questions and movement improvisation will accompany this process.

(unfortunately the workshop did not go ahead)

More about Anita Charton is on

PABC AGM 2018: 20 April 2018 in Emerson College, East Sussex UK

PABC AGM 2018AGM gathering 2018 









20-22 April 2018 Workshop/CPD with Lisa Romero, Understanding Our Communial Responsibility for the Healthy Development of Sexuality and Gender within Society. It was open to counsellors, psychotherapists, therapists and all working in social professions. 

Lisa Romero workshop This course was based on deepening our understanding of the esoteric development of the masculine and feminine forces within the human race and how we can best support the healthy unfolding of these forces throughout individual development.


We looked at how an individual`s inner life develops and how external conditioning can divert the capacities which brings imbalances in the astral body. These imbalances can be expressed in addictions and diversions into unhealthy behaviours towards ourselves and others.

More about Lisa Romero is on her website
2017 AGM: 13 May 2017 in Temple Lodge, London. 
24-26 February 2017: Workshop/CPD with Margli Matthews, Working with Biography with Groups. Emerson College, East Sussex UK

This weekend with Margli Matthews aimed to support and encourage people who want to offer biography work with groups as an addition or enhancement to their profession.

Workshop was open to all who have a foundation in biographical development and counselling skills.

The weekend explored the nature and aims of biography work as adult education and the theory and attitudes that underlie this work. We will consider different rhythms and kinds of workshops and the practical tools and skills needed to run workshops, such as: workshop design, publicity, finances, application; giving talks; facilitating groups; designing biographical and artistic exercises.

There were talks and conversations on these questions as well as artistic and biographical exercises to facilitate understanding the tasks and requirements of running biography workshops.

We held a meeting on the 3rd December 2016 in Temple Lodge, London. We shared our thoughts and visions of what PABC needs to be, its tasks and abilities for the nearest future. Summary of the day was sent to all members and friends. 
2016 AGM took place on Saturday 16 April that year. It began with an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, to express our views on what we need and can do to help each other, to support Biographical Counselling as part of the wider therapeutic community. 
14-15 April 2016 Workshop/CPD with George Perry, Relationship as Client: an introduction to working with couples. 

The event included talks, case studies, discussion, artistic activities. 


2015 AGM: 20-23 March. As before it was combined with a training workshop/CPD, continuing the theme of Addiction, a members for members workshop with no main guest contributor. 
Some of the earlier events are below, they form our outer biography. 
September 2014: Workshop/CPD with Dr James Dyson and Andrea Sprenger, Meeting Addiction: Spiritual Scientific Identification, Manifestation and Ways of Working.
February 2014: PABC AGM and Members for members weekend continuing the theme of Working with Anxiety in Biographical Counselling. CPD endorsed by BACP.
September 2013: PABC training weekend Meeting Anxiety: Spiritual Scientific Identification, Manifestation and Ways of Working, guest contributor Marah Evans. CPD endorsed by BACP. 
January 2013: PABC AGM and Members for members weekend
September 2012: PABC members joined the Medical conference at the Goetheanum
March 2012: Identity, working with loss of self, CPD endorsed by BACP
October 2011: Identity, connecting with the being of PABC finding the logo, CPD endorsed by BACP
January 2011: Members for Members, including AGM
October 2010: Working with the Biographical Chart, guest contributor: Anita Charton
March 2010: Working with the Threshold in Biographical Counselling, guest contributor: Wolfgang Drescher
November 2009: Depression and Anxiety workshop and AGM, guest contributors: Dr. James Dyson and Margli Matthews. During that weekend the PABC was founded.