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Biographical Counselling Course

With Jane Chase and Pauline Marksteiner

September 2024 – June 2025

Join an online Taster Session Saturday 20th April 10am – 1pm

A one-year, part time, interactive and face to face course offering participants an in-depth experience of working with their own biography and developing tools for their current professional practice.

Reflections from current participants:

“I am so grateful to have found this course. It has already changed my thinking and practice, both in my relationships and work. It has allowed me to look at how I am sailing my own destiny ship. The course offers a deep listening space with creative artistic activities. My experience of our group is one of deep connection, support and trust, and a profound sense of encounter. Jane and Pauline are truly gifted course facilitators who share their thorough knowledge of biographical counselling and guide the group with sensitivity and deep humanity. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.”  

“Pauline and Jane’s knowledge, intense love of the work and the other, their ability to support participants and each other with honesty, intuition, humour and deep connection contribute to a depth of content which has transformed me and my approach.  It has encouraged me to develop and learn intensely in a safe, held space.   The course content put my personal journey into more context – the life stages of development, my connection with my spiritual side.  It helped me see the importance of some of my life events as they occurred at certain stages.   I have been able to get in touch with places deep inside and I feel my confidence and belief in myself strengthen and develop to a place of centeredness, a grounded and honest place within myself.”

Taking place at St Luke’s Therapy Centre, Stroud, Glos.

Book a place on the taster by emailing here