The Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors was established in 2009.  Its members work as Biographical Counsellors and Biography Workers in various settings in the UK and internationally.  In addition, many PABC members are qualified counsellors and psychotherapists in therapeutic modalities other than Biographical Counselling, and are individually accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and/or UK Council for Psychotherapy UKCP) and other professional regulatory bodies.

It grew out of an increasing number of practicing Biographical Counsellors’ search for a professional body to which they could belong and through which they could meet the professional therapeutic world.

This body offers the dual opportunity for carrying Biographical Counselling as a BACP accredited counselling approach out into the professional psycho-therapeutic and counselling world on the one hand and on the other providing a large pool of resources for its members relating to issues of professional ethics, group supervision, research opportunities, networking and professional development.

Its purposes are:

  1. Promote research and ongoing training and development for Biographical Counsellors
  2. Support Biographical Counsellors and those studying or working in Biographical Counselling by both increasing the profile of Biographical Counselling within the greater whole of the counselling and psychotherapeutic profession and through raising the awareness of biographical counsellors as to the issues and codes of conduct within this broader professional setting
  3. Contribute to high standards in Biographical Counselling
  4. Provide a forum for Biographical Counsellors to meet and exchange knowledge and experience.
  5. Enable the Members access to current Biographical Counselling issues
  6. Encourage and support the publications by Biographical Counsellors of their research and findings in relevant literature and journals
  7. Act as a professional body for the purpose of consultation in matters of education or public interest concerning Biographical Counselling
  8. Identify and promote appropriate standards for the practice of Biographical counselling